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AS (and Clown) hangers tested


They were testing Climbing Technology soft anchors (which I can't actually find on their website), but they look very similar to the AS anchors that Tony sells. I assume they're also using the Beal 5mm Dyneema as I don't know of any other manufacturer making that stuff.

The dyneema broke at 14kN when clipped with a carabiner. When tied directly in with an 8mm static rope the 8mm broke first at 11kN. They tried to break the hanger itself with by rethreading it with a stronger 4mm dyneema but that broke first too at 16kN.

So basically the hangers are over 50% stronger than they're rated for, which is a good safety margin.


I used AS as a generic term for this type of hanger. Although I wasn't aware before watching this that any other manufacturer made them. They also test a homemade version.