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ATLAS 50th Anniversary BBQ Weekend


Dave King, ATLAS digger, invites you to a weekend of digging, caving and two BBQs.

2023 is the 50th Anniversary of the Association of Thrupe Lane Advanced Speleologists (ATLAS).

The ATLAS diggers have been involved with many digs over the last 50 years including Thrupe Lane Swallet, Honeymead Hole, Little Crapnell Swallet, Hobnail Hole, Fernhill Cave, Viaduct Sink, Thrupe Swallet to mention more than a few, and are still actively digging twice a week.

We are inviting the caving community to join us in celebrating ATLAS's 50th Anniversary over the weekend of 15th/16th July at Thrupe Lane Swallet.

At lunchtime on both Saturday and Sunday there will be a 'Bring your own fodder' BBQ. Caving opportunities will be available (possibly pre-rigged) visiting Hobnail Hole, Thrupe Lane Swallet and the lesser visited Thrupe Swallet. In addition to the BBQ and caving there will be some much needed clearing of the stream channels that will help to keep both Hobnail Hole and Thrupe Lane Swallet open and accessible. We have some tools in the Ferret Shed, but feel free to bring your own including shovels, spades & wheelbarrows.

Any queries on this event, please contact Dave. dlk1961@talktalk.net


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A reminder that this coming weekend on both Saturday and Sunday (15th/16th) ATLAS will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary at Thrupe Lane. In addition to a bring your own fodder BBQ there will be a clearing sessions of the surface stream channels to help keep Hobnail Hole and Thrupe Lane Swallet accessible. All welcome, preferably armed with shovels etc and caving kit if you wish to hide from the daylight. On Sunday we may also have a few Friends of Windsor Hill Tunnels join us. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100064696389006
It would be useful to have an idea of numbers but not critical.


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