Thrupe Lane Swallet 50th Anniversary 2024


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Thrupe Lane Swallet breakthrough, the ATLAS team are inviting cavers to join them over the weekend of 15th and 16th June from 10 a.m. Come and help do some surface conservation tasks, bring your own fodder for a BBQ. There will be a Thrupe Lane Swallet / Hobnail Hole through trip opportunity. See the attached promotional poster from ATLAS.

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Next weekend Atlas are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Thrupe Lane Swallet breakthrough.
I may pre rig TLS (possibly Wuthering Heights) and Hobnail hole.
Let me know if planning on coming, it would be good to have an idea of numbers.
I noticed yesterday that there is a rope rigged in the entrance of TLS, does anyone know who's rope it is?

Thanks Dave.


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Update on Atlas' 50th anniversary of Thrupe Lane Swallet breakthrough.
It will just be the Saturday, not Sunday.
I plan to rig Wuthering Heights on Friday afternoon and leave it rigged until for Saturday.
Will light BBQ for midday.
A plan to do a small amount of surface fettling of streamways.

Thanks, Dave.


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Went over to TLS this afternoon with the plan to rig Wuthering Heights, but the weather had different ideas. Thunderstorm meant the stream was flowing straight down the entrance and had washed more debris against the gate which I had cleared earlier in the week. Instead two of us went down Hobnail, which was very dry, and rigged the ladder down into King Cobble Hall and then went on through to TLS via Upper Butts' Chamber. Down Marble Streamway and rigged across the ridged boulder on down Lateral Pitch.
Cave left rigged ie ladder to from Dairy to King Cobble Hall.
Traverse line down stream end of Marble Streamway.
Ridged Boulder.
Lateral Pitch (rope hauled up and in tackle sack, can easily be lowered back down).
By the time we came out of Hobnail the stream had subsided and was no longer reaching TLS entrance and Perseverance would have been dry and doable.
Tomorrows plan (weather permitting) is to rig TLS entrance pitch and Perseverance (first removing Shepton's ropes that have been in for a few weeks). Then back up to just below the entrance and off down Plaster Passage and go and rig Wuthering Heights to connect to the top of Lateral Pitch/Ridged Boulder.