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Barbon Pot warning


Well-known member
For anyone considering a visit to Barbon Pot over the coming month are two... something to be aware of:

We will update our website warning, and post here once work has been complete to address this situation. For now, it is probably worth considering postponing any immenent vists you have planned to Barbon Pot; Or at the very least, go with extra care.


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We mentioned it here, back in March


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Well, what can I say other than apologise... As CNCC Communications Officer, I monitor UKCaving almost daily for these kinds of things, but you posted that on the first day of my March week-long caving holiday (where I keep my phone mostly turned off)... and presumably it had vanished off the recent posts section by my return, so we totally missed that!

For future reference, anything like this, please also report directly to CNCC:

Anyway, hopefully this will be getting sorted soon now that we are aware :)

Apologies again for not spotting this one sooner!
CNCC PR and Communications Officer


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The fallen trees at Barbon Pot have now been largely removed; full story here:

There is still a little work to do, but the entrance is accessible again. Exactly what you can rig off for the descent of the entrance pot, we do not know as all of the trees previously used as belays have gone. Go prepared with extra tackle and ready for some creativity to identify a safe way down. We would appreciate any feedback on how feasible you find this.

Thank you to the team involved!


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The first drop is climbable with care (and is slippery at the top), but it does mean less backups, there is that anchor high up on the wall on the right. Perhaps we could get permission to put a stake in, for the initial drop. The fence is definitely no good it was completely rotten, we rigged off the tree wedged across the hole and handlined it, but of course the tree is no longer there now.