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Barry Andrew has passed away


Well-known member
Many readers of this forum would have known Barry Andrew, who lived in Settle for many years and was a long term member both of the Craven Pothole Club and the Airedale Caving Club. He had become increasingly unwell over recent months and I'm afraid I have to announce that Barry died peacefully in his sleep this morning (30th May 2019) at Airedale General Hospital.

Details of the arrangements for his funeral will be made available in due course.


Staff member
Really sad to hear this news.  I called in on Barry just a few weeks ago and he wasn't so good but never expected this so soon.  He was a really nice bloke and offered a much appreciated service to cavers in the north. 

Many years ago he slept at my mum's house after a trip to Otter hole with the Airedale.  She had just had new carpets fitted and in the morning he told her he'd had the most comfortable nights sleep ever on her new flooring.  It made her day and she often reminded me of it.  RIP old chap.


Active member
Sad news indeed. Barry made a much bigger contribution to Dales caving than most people will ever know. RIP old friend.



A friend for many decades.
Most serious cavers knew Barry, always an open door and the kettle on, tremendous contribution to our community, now Barry has gone it leaves a void when visiting/ passing through  Settle, even when you didn't call by to visit him, it was always comforting to know he was there with his unique hospitality...
Yes as others have and will say today we have lost a great friend within our Dales and Derbyshire caving world. A pleasure to know you Barry.... .


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If anyone knows how to contact Alan Bolton, formerly of the Airedale Caving Club, please could you send me a PM?

Also, did anyone have any furniture stored at Barry's house? We have found some which we don't think was Barry's; he would often store things for people for some time. Again, please PM me if you can advise.



New member
Sorry to be late on this, I've only just seen it. Is this Barry who worked at Stainforth YHA sometimes back around 2005? If so, I worked with him there, and I remember him taking me down Great Douk Pot while it was being dug through. Really really sorry to hear about this, he was a top bloke.


Staff member
Since I heard the news this keeps popping into my head.  It is Barry's answering machine message.  Many will have heard it and it always made me smile.

"Hello this is Barry, if you are not after any money and say who you are, after a minute I will answer the phone"


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Just a quick reminder; if anyone intends coming to the funeral, please let me know (a simple PM on here will be fine). It's just to get an idea how many to cater for at the pub.

I'm informed that it's OK to park in the large parking area directly across from the YSS hostel, should the pub car park become congested. But tall vehicles (e.g. big vans) may not get under the steel frame which you have to drive through to access this extra parking area.