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BCRA Annual Review 2021 - call for photo content


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It's that time of year again, and I'm in the process of putting the next Annual Review together in time for the Symposium. As Hidden Earth didn't happen again last year, our regular roundup and Photo Salon centrespreads are also not appearing. And our back cover normally features many photos too.

So I'm asking for submissions of any cave science-related photography from 2021, be it documenting a data-collection project in action, tracing, digging, communications, whatever really, but it does need some sort of scientific angle where possible. And they will be printed in full-colour, so it's worth a punt. Last year's submissions were few, but excellent, and we'd vey much like to feature more quality content where possible. Deadline would be end of August to be practical, but earlier if you can!


Phil Wolstenholme
Review Editor


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127 reads but no replies. Are there really no cave photographers out there with any suitable images from 2021 with a cave science bent that they might have submitted to Hidden Earth? The BCRA Annual Review is professionally printed, and is, well, published by BCRA - our cave science body. It will be pretty boring if we don't have any good images - please don't make me raid my archives again!

To reiterate, it doesn't have to depict an actual experiment being performed underground or anything really specific, but some interesting passage morphology, sediment deposits, unusual flooding/drought would all be fine - anything 'interesting' that shows science, be it geology, hydrology, speleology. I'm really lowering the bar here...


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If there are any photos in my digging threads, Hopeless, Five ways, etc, that would suit your needs let me know. Only a few of the photos are mine but I can quickly get you permission from the others.


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Would it be worth asking any brits that went to the UIS conference in Chambery if they have any photos from that? Quite a few brits had talks


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Thanks both - Tim, that would be great if possible - do you mean the ones shown on the digging thread? I'd be happy to use some.
Rob - John Gunn was at the conference and we're obviously colluding on this project, so I'm hoping that he will scrape some together, but I'm trying to take the pressure off him - and I am the editor, so up to me to chase really. Though I don't have a clue who was there and who wasn't. I'll also be sending out emails to everyone I know who might be able to help too. But given the Photo Salons would normally provide the bulk of the content I've got my work cut out.


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Is there anyone else able to send me any more good caving photos for the Annual Review? I have empty, full-colour pages to fill!