Bedford United mine collapse


Just a heads up that there has been a massive stope collapse in Bedford United mine in the Tamar Valley.  Marquis Shaft, North Lode and the chain ladder stopes are currently inaccessible.  The collapse is loose and dangerous so please stay away.  Work is ongoing to engineer a safe route past the collapse.


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I cannot say that I am surprised at this. I have memories of many years ago, and the last time in there, the Morwellham NAMHO I believe, there had been a lot of movement.


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As an aside, are there any Cornish underground guide books, or snippets of information?  A relative has a house on the Cornwall side of Tavistock as it were, and it would nice to avoid some daylight.


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Regarding cornwall obviously Mike moorebooks  sure he could help but I did notice a rather expensive  set / collection on eBay .

Item number is 384267185166

Don?t no what their true value is below should be a link .