Beer Quarry Caves


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SPLUTTER :eek: These are stone mines not caves  :eek:  this topic should be banish to AditNow :yucky:

No need to watch the whole 30 minutes it starts at 2 minutes and finished at 6 minutes. 

It only last for 30 days, a pity.  It would be nice to have it stored permanently on YouTube.



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Well, if you want to be a pendant, I think you'll find they are underground quarries...



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Went there last year and have some nice photos using the 'natural' light bulbs they have there - lots of graffiti, but didn't see any witch marks....  Been quarried out since the Roman times.  Do a nice up of tea and scones as well as I recall. Well worth a visit.
Good job no Mendip caves have any mining connections ... oh hang on...  ;)


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Might have been mentioned before but how you put piccies on here without using such dodgy virus rampant data harvesting sites such as Flickr, falsebook, twitter or other such no'er do wells.  I'd like to post Beer Quarry stuff... If not quite happy to keep it local.