Best ever plant based and recycling song


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Plant based stuff and recycling is apparantly quite a la mode.
So I thought I'd start in 1968 with Tommy James and the Shondells with the original. That was recycled by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts who had a great hit with it.
Now here it is further refurbished to a more modern standard with Miley Cyrus (disclaimer: other sources of impure thoughts are available), and Dave Grohl - oh well Nevermind, and everyone else who was engaged in prior efforts in the mix.
Clover is a plant.
Thoughts, comments, and contributions are, as ever, welcome.


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Sorry, but you did ask for this.

There is a seven-minute jam which immediately follows it (Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin), and which kind of makes sense in the context (!), so I'll give you the option to carry on, should you wish - I would. Unbelievably, Sky Arts last night featured Freak Out in the Classic Albums series - and a brand-new 1-hour programme, 2021. Interviews with Matt Groening, David Fricke, Cheech Marin and tons of archive footage I'd never seen before - and I've seen most of it - just wonderful. Dig it out if you can. In the meantime: