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Bit of old litter in GG


Perhaps it could be made a condition of using the CPC/BPC pre rigged ropes, you must move some rubbish towards an exit/main chamber? Have roll of rubble sacks on the check in desk.

It's not a commonly visited spot, but south east pot had quite a bit of detritus at the bottom of it last year. I suppose stuff must get dropped/washed in? I'm also not sure how you get down there without a load of rope rub, though someone on here might know?


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It may be better to descend South East Pot via the scaffolded floor hole on the Bar Pot side. We found it possible to rig a traverse along a bottomless tube here when we found the South East Pot Extensions, which gets away from much of the potential rope rub. At the time we also descended the main way into South East Pot which involved using bolts in very suspect rock at the top. The bottomless tube has better quality rock. The whole area is fairly loose, being right in the fault zone.

Our original exploration bolts were standard 8 mm self drilling anchors which will almost certainly be knackered, so don't include these in any pitch rigging. But Benfool has used this route more recently than me so can I suggest you PM him if you're thinking of going, as he'll have more up to date info on the rigging situation here.

Or . . . has South East Pot been fitted with modern resin fixed anchors yet?


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What is South East Pot? Is it near South East Aven or somewhere else?
It's the other side of Bar Pot from South East Aven, where the rope from the last pitch of Flood/Wades comes down. You traverse round it to get to Coward's Oxbow or the slope up on the far side which drops down into SE Passage. There's a big drop below the traverse. As Pitlamp mentioned, as you come from Bar Pot, there is a hole down on the left with a bit of scaff bar across it, there is a big drop here too.


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Yes, those have been in for years. The logical jumping off point for Souith East Pot is on the opposite side of the shaft and involves a balancy / badly protected walk over fractured rock to get to it. Ancient bolts gave a hang which is possible with no rope rub but they are in suspect rock and quite possibly unusable. Unless someone has sorted out a modern / safe way to rig that way it's probably not ideal.