Board changes....


Some of you will have noticed that the board was briefly down tonight....and that it's changed appearance somewhat.

The reason is:

- I've just updated the board software to a newer version which involves many security fixes, etc, etc.
- The old style colour scheme has now gone, but I will be adding some more soon, so please bear with me.
- Everything should be sorted in a few days.

Part of the reason for the change was to implement a board mod which will allow the Cuetzalan expidition members to upload photos from Mexico direct to the board. I will be setting this up before the start of the expedition.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

There may be some teething problems so if you notice anything odd with the forum, please let me know....


Ha ha! You find one and I'll put it on....

Some of the colour schemes are fairly subtle, and I'm planning on implementing a mod which allows you to turn off avatars and signatures which will help on the work-friendliness stakes....

If you send me a screenshot of a 3270 screen, then I could see if I can have a go with it - I used to program mainframes so should really know. What about just a green/black style?