Boyd Potts

dave Wall

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I would like to thank all Boyd's caving friends from all over Britain who came to Christ Church on 10th. October to say goodbye to him and to celebrate his life. There were so many of you there and I would have loved to be able to thank each and every one of you in person after the service but this just wasn?t possible. The many kind messages I have received have meant a great deal to me and I very much appreciate your support. Boyd gave a great deal to the caving community and I know he won?t be forgotten. My heart felt thanks to all of you.

Hi Jenny. Dave Wall here. Just a note to say I still remember the time and energy yourself and Boyd devoted to Orpheus but particularly to supporting and guiding myself as a young man. I have never forgotten those times that you unselfishly devoted to others. Best wishes

Jenny P

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Hi Dave,

Good to hear from you and guess you are still involved with caving. Can you still get through 6 and a quarter inches? You were the Orpheus ultimate thin man as I recall.