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BPC Winch Meet


New member
The BPC will again be running our annual winch meet after the covid induced hiatus of the past couple of years. As usual many of the entrances will be rigged for SRT during the meet and we welcome other cavers to make use of this. Rigging of entrances will begin in earnest on Saturday 21st May and derigging will commence anytime from 5pm on Thursday 2nd June. If you want to know which entrances are rigged just pop over to the white booking in tent and ask. There will also be a call
out board available there.
We ask that any cavers in the Gaping Gill system stay clear of the main chamber during Saturday 14th May and the afternoon of Friday 3rd June as we'll be assembling/dismantling the winch and there is a increased risk of falling objects.

The winch will also be operating from the 28th May to the 3rd of June for those who are adverse to prusiking- just ensure you book in and pay before entering the system.

For full details see our website: https://www.bpc-cave.org.uk/wp/gg-winch-meet/