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Bruntscar Cave


New member
Bruntscar Cave is currently CLOSED.
This is because the Barn wall near the entrance is in a dangerous condition and liable to collapse. The landowner is keen to reopen the cave when the necessary repairs have been made. However, this may take some time as it's a listed building and permissions are required before the work can be undertaken.

Ian Ball

Well-known member
Aah, that is one on the list of caves I should get around to visit, thanks for the update.

Have you mentioned it to the CNCC?


Active member
Noted; Thank you for letting the caving community know.

We have updated the notes on our website accordingly: https://cncc.org.uk/cave/bruntscar-cave

Nick; We will drop you a private message with a few questions.


Ian Ball said:
Aah, that is one on the list of caves I should get around to visit

You definitely should when it's reopened, it's an interesting little easy trip and the landowners are nice folks  :)