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    The publication date for issue 289 is the 10th of December, meaning subscribers should receive their copies during the week leading up to that date. It is also available from caving suppliers such as Inglesport and Starless River, or from our new website

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Calendar Competition Winners


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ditzy 24//7

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ordered one on my debit card but have had no confirmation email from dcro or the bank? looking forward to seeing it.  :)


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Apologies to anyone who has tried to order, or used the debit card option.

There was an issue affecting the form which is now sorted

If you have placed an order, it has not gone through, please do keep an eye on your bank stements though.


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We have had some great feedback from a couple of cavers this morning, Thank you to everyone who has bought one so far and all the amazing photographers who entered images into the competition.

We have sold just over half so don't wait too long if you are thinking of buying one


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Hi, Would some kind soul please post a photo of the front of the calendar here please, thanks everso, Pegasus  :)