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DCRO Calendar Competition


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We are looking for 12 images of Peak Caves or Caving to produce the DCRO 2021 Fundraiser Calendar in an effort to fill our financial ?Covid-Gap?.

We have come a long way in terms of equipment, training and experience since this photo from 1966, with a continual programme of equipment replacement and upgrades.

We hope you can help us raise some funds so we can provide an even better service across Derbyshire for years to come.

How can you help??  We need your fabulous photographs for our 2021 calendar!!


Every photographer to have an image featured will receive a DCRO Mug!

The top three images, as decided by a select panel of DCRO members will be put to a vote on UKCaving.com to decide who gets the honours of the cover image.

Through clever layout design we are accepting both portrait and landscape entries.

The calendars will then be available for pre-order at ?7.99, produced locally on high quality A4 paper, Wire-o bound with a hangar (none of that cheap stapled rubbish) and sent direct to your door.

Submissions via 2021calendar@derbyshirecro.org.uk or post on the thread below.

Closing date for entries 26th July.

Pete K

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On the assumption that team members can enter (or if not, I don't mind as I'm just sharing a few of my favourite pics)....
1. Topping out at Longcliffe - the day the cap was completed.
2. Peak Cavern - Buxton Water
3. Peak Cavern - Treasury Chamber


  • Longcliffe Lid Move January 2019 (55).JPG
    Longcliffe Lid Move January 2019 (55).JPG
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  • Peak 5-4-18 (19).JPG
    Peak 5-4-18 (19).JPG
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  • Peak Cavern 26-2-2018 (19).JPG
    Peak Cavern 26-2-2018 (19).JPG
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Pete K said:
On the assumption that team members can enter

Open to all, but any entrants will not be able to judge which images are chosen.

Good Luck.


Chamber in the flooded stopes area of Great Masson Mine.


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Negotiating a squeeze in Gt Masson


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Some great submissions on here and email (y)

Keep them coming for your chance to bag a DCRO Mug  :beer:


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I've got plenty of the less-often photographed sections of Peak and Speedwell, so will email some over shortly ;)


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Thank you all for the fantastic submissions, we will now assemble a small panel of 'Least Affiliation' with those who have sent us images to put the calendar together.

Watch this space.... Its going to be a good one  ;)


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Hi Skippy, Nearly complete with the design. I'm hoping to have the pre-order set up on the website next weekend ?7.99 inc post

We will also be accepting (and encouraging) bulk orders, ?5 each and ?5 postage for qty's between 5 and 30 to save you some money and us a load of time!

If there are any caving clubs or groups that want to order in bulk you can get in touch here - fundraising@derbyshirecro.org.uk -


The late Buster Wright with Don Holland in Peak Cavern sometime in the late 80s



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