camp sites


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any good sites in the dales. the usual stuff is easier to find out, like showers, drying rooms. i was thinking about being able to stick my lamp on charge overnight.


Neil B

Does it specifically have to be a campsite? I've stayed at the Bradford PC bunkhouse at Brackenbottom, Horton in Ribblesdale which is really good, at only £4 a night. I'm sure leaving your lamp on charge wouldn't be a problem!

Have a look at for more info.

diggerdog adam

If you have a caravan try New House Caravan Park, Cowan Bridge, on A65 10 mins from Ingelton Nice site which stays open all yaer round for about a tener a night that includes hot water showers elect and the cleanest loo block you could ever wish for

The name of the guy is Colin its best to ring before hand a must out of summer season tel 015242 71590

(Nb) NO tents un-less things have changed