cave exploration in jordan nov 07


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Pleace pass on to any one interrested

Cavers wanted

Last year I went out to Jordan to help Jamie Lovell an archaeologist to carry out a survey of what was to be found in the caves of Jordan (a small bit of it actually). But there are not many caves know in Jordan so it means that we had to find the caves and access than first. This year the protect continues in a different region (right on the cost of the dead sea) it is running for November and the first 2 weeks of December approximately.

The set up:
A small team of 8 or 9 half cavers half archaeologists some both aim to find and briefly aces the archaeological perpetual of as many holes as possible.

You pay for flights, alcohol and things you do on days off
You get food and accommodation
You provide caving kit and expertise and work to achieve the goals of the protect   

What it involves:
Finding caves (from fetchers on maps talking to locals and diving/walking about)
Accessing caves (we found a lot of holes in cliffs and some vertical entrances last year so SRT and rope work are a must natural rigging experience and a good knowledge of rescue technique is desirable )
Surveying caves: any archaeological finds need to be tied in to a survey

If your interested send me your caving CV (with any archaeological stuff too) plus some references with phone numbers and any questions. Contact must be made by 30.06.07

Hrockliff[at] (replace [at] with @) 


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ps forgot to say sorry i cant write you will just have to live with it i am better on the phone


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some info on last years progect