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Cave Science Weekend, SWCC, 2nd - 3rd March: all welcome!


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Myself, Ruiaridh Macleod, Lydia de Brett and Joe Stell have organised a practical cave science weekend at SWCC, 2nd - 3rd March.

Saturday will feature three underground workshops, where we will go caving in OFD and look at either cave geomorphology/hydrogeology, cave biology and cave instrumentation. Saturday will have some shorter talks, and plenty of time to look at the data collected during the day and discuss project ideas and more. Sunday will be more of a loose structure, where you are welcome to attend a trip of a different theme to the previous day, or make your own adventure (caving or otherwise). We are also hoping to get the event subsidised, will update about this as soon as I can.

To sign up, fill out the following Google Form:

All cavers welcome! Sign ups will be on a first come first serve basis, so don't delay!
Hope to see many of you there!

Cave science weekend -2-3rd .png


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I should also add that I will try and allocate places as evenly between clubs as I can. So if we have a preponderance of sign ups from one club, I might ask that you decide between yourselves who comes so that we don't only have people from one club :)


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Thanks for signing up all who have already :) we're pretty much at capacity now so any further sign ups will be added to a reserve list!