- new opening arrangements

Andy Sparrow

Active member
Please be aware that we no longer have fixed opening hours on Saturdays.  All shop opening is now by arrangement but we hope this will allow more flexibility to suit our customers.  For example, we know that many of you are caving on Saturdays and it would suit you better to come early evening, after your trip, or on Sunday morning.  We will always open if we can!  Please call 01934 741623 or email

Please note that we will be unable to open the shop after 1300 on Saturday 10 January for 7 days.  We will be available to open the shop again from 0900 on Sunday 18th.  We can be contacted by email during this period. 

Andy & Rachel Sparrow
Thanks for that Andy.....It's good to know the flexibility of opening is there....It's not often you come across it in retail, so it's appreciated  (y)