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Caves closest to pubs

Joe Duxbury

It has been suggested (April 2023 UBSS Newsletter) that the Hunters' Lodge Inn Sink is the 'closest cave to any pub (probably in the world!)' I know of one cave which is actually entered through the garage of a bar. Do you know of any other contenders?


Well-known member
Station Inn at Ribblehead is pretty close to a pub.

Kirkby Stephen in Cumbria has a mysterious system of tunnels below the town. The entrance to one of these is inside the cellar of Hall's Newsagents. This building was a pub (The Sun Inn) until 1960 but sadly no longer.
(Just saying, for interest; I realise this is outside the scope of Joe's query.)


Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham - caves within the bar as well as immediately next door and behind (it's built into the rock and therefore is littered with caves).

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham - Staircase inside leading to caves below the pub as well as a little well.


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I'm sure I remember seeing a video of some cavers going down a cave and emerging through a manhole cover in a beer cellar.


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Crown Hotel at Lofthouse in Nidderdale has a couple within about 200 metres, possibly less. Also the field next door to it used to develop a shake hole at times until it was filled in properly. Nidd Heads is roughly 400 metres away too.
The Miner's Arms , sadly no more,is directly above the Leeds University mine level,Gill Head mine, I think, but probably wrong

Mark Wright

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Back in the 80's the Landlord of the Peak Hotel in Castleton discovered a well that was covered over in the cellar of the pub. Somebody from the TSG, possibly Buster, went down it but it didn't go. I'm sure it was written up in the TSG log book at the time.


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There used to be a pub on Combe Down (or Foxhill) that had a glass covered shaft in the bar that looked straight down into the stone mine below. I have been underneath it at some point, but it was 40 years ago when I was a teenager, so it’s hazy which pub it was.


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I have heard tell of a mine accessible from a hotel cellar in Matlock but I'm not certain of the detail. Sure someone on here will know though.

Mark Wright

Active member
Didn't the former Old Bull's Head in Little Hucklow have a 'cave' inside it?

I have a memory of a room in the pub being built into a natural limestone arch, which they called 'The Cave'. Bograt might remember as he was the one who took me in there for the first time back in the early 80's.