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Caving artwork


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I bought a nice piece of caving art from a charity shop and wondered if anyone recognised it. The signature is 'Chrissy' and it doesn't say who the caver is or what cave they are in.


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I'm pretty sure, given mutual friends and photos, that she's chrissy.price.77 on Facebook.


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Speedy reply. Sadly that picture isn’t hers. She said she never sold any of her artwork and had forgotten about the website.

The mystery continues 🙂


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I wondered about that too - but why signed "Chrissy"?

Unless Chrissy is the name of the subject?

Maybe worth trying to get a message through via the contacts on the ISDSA website?


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Sorry, my post above Mike's should say "ISSA" (not "ISDSA").
Was late for work and not typing carefully enough!