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Really glad to see Pass The Burning Box is already on the list. An absolute classic for surface digs involving a firepit (as most of ours do, to keep warm in winter or repel midges in summer). A large sturdy cardboard box has a nicely burning log placed inside and is then quickly sealed up. The box is then lobbed from one digger to another. Over the course of 2-3 minutes said box goes from smoldering, to on fire, to an inferno. The loser is the person first to wimp out of catching it and throwing it onwards. As with most caving games, a trip to A&E is a high probability!
Sounds like the tar barrel event held at Ottery St. Mary every November 5th!


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Is the bread-oven challenge in The Hunters still a thing?
There's a bread oven in what is now Lake House, previously the Bunk Barn in Clapham. Johnny proposed to Jude in it. Apparently it's a cavers' tradition to do so: it's in the Daily Mail so it must be true!



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I remember driving down the country lanes in Angelsey in an old transit minibus and the driver winds down the window (yes I know winds down the window) then climbed out and onto the roof and climbed back into the passenger side and the passenger grabbed the steering wheel, once the first driver was back in it was repeated until everyone in the minibus had their turn. What could possibly go wrong. That was a long time ago


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There was the "Inaugaral Ashes Rat Rounders" match between the BEC and the NZCC around 2009, the match had to end prematurely as we ran out of rats!! Or there was the occasion of pink the 2p coin off the woodshed to go to the Hunters!!

I think ACC used to have "consequence jenga" some of the forfeits for knocking down the tower were hilarious!

One member of the BEC had to give up caving after snapping an Achilles tendon attempting a complicated maneuver from the windowsill to sofa via the members bunkroom door whilst attempting a traverse of the common róom.

Oh yeah and the 3am Belfry table bra dance, always fun!


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Has anyone tried flaming volleyball??

All you need is somewhere like The Snake Pit at the Belfry, half a pint of paraffin some bog roll, a lighter and a load of people!! It's beautiful when multiple burning bog rolls arc across the night sky!!