Caving in Cornwall

Sheila Harper

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To rhychydwr1
Can I get a copy of - THE CAVES OF CORNWALL by Tony Oldham. 2014 please.
I am willing to pay the ?3.00.
Many thanks, Sheila Harper, Newquay.


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maxf said:
Not really a real cave but a dive in the tunnel kynance cove...
I learnt about this some years ago. I took Martyn Farr along and he took some nice shots of it but you will have to buy his book to see them ;)


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Last October we spent a few days in Cornwall, and one day walked on the coast path that goes through Maenporth. On the north side of the cove, not very far from the road, there is a spring that discharges onto the beach from what looks like a natural cave. We had a quick look inside, but not far in the water got over welly deep, with the passage continuing walking size. At this point we abandoned it, and never went back. Does anybody know anything about it?


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Thanks for your suggestion, Roy; I tried entering Maenporth on the Aditnow site but it came up with nothing.


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The following is listed in Caves of Cornwall:

Maenporth Cave and Tunnel
Marked as cave at NGR SW 79017 29712 
A nice natural sea cave with two entrances that intersect with a tunnel that goes back into the cliff. The natural cave runs parallel to the beach and involves a crawl. If heading east there is a step across a drop before reaching the crawl.  The tunnel forms the bottom of the step across and has a good stream that flows out from a third entrance. [from Ukcaving 030813 by glyders aka Alasdair Shaw]

Caves of Cornwall is now 79 pages long.


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from Caves of Cornwall:

Boscastle Sea Cave
NGR SX 094 916  Explorer 111
?Boscastle, for example, has a notoriously dramatic blowhole associated with a 50m-long tunnel through a headland [called Penally Point], but this is rarely dived because of the fickle nature of the environment? from:
accessed 310713
Boscastle Cave-sea kayaking
accessed 050913