Caving in Lanzarote.


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There are some here, and im aware of a club but have failed to make contact on the past several trips.
Does anyone know any further details.
Specifically  lanzarote not tenerife.


There are a couple of articles in old issues of Descent, I'll look up the issue numbers, unless someone has their index to hand and can do it sooner.

I was there a few years ago and expored a number of lava tubes. Quite interesting. Some of them are very long.


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Have been in Cueva de Los Verdes.  There have been two features in Descent on these caves one of which I used to locate them myself and the other I wrote.  It was more than 10 years ago though. The system of lava tubes radiates out from the extinct Monte Corona at the north end of the island and can be entered at several collapse dolines the most accessible being 100 metres from the road down to  the main show cave - it actually goes right through to the show cave at the 'downstream' end.  The famous Atlantida tunnel at Los Jameos is a continuation of this tube under the sea.  You can get an excellent view of the collapse dolines if  you struggle up Monte Corona (best on the far side). It's a nice scree run down on the other side!

There are some more tubes in the national park at Timanfaya but guided tours only to visit these. There are also some interesting blow holes around the coast and, I suspect, otherer tubes I haven't visited. 

Have fun.


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Thanks guys, have just recieved some great info from Ed and hayley from the shepton Cave club, they visited last year and have stacks of top notch info  (y)


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Fantastic weeks caving over there.
Did some of the trips in the  monte corona lava tube system. 6.2km long.
Passages 20m high be 7m wide in place, lakes to swim in......
Used my time mainly to locate many of the entrances with gps.
Met up with, and went caving with the local expert, Javier, who knows where all  the caves are, next time im out (or any one whos interested he will take them caving) we'll locate most of the other interesting sites with gps also.
Intentions are to wiki the info.
currently compiling info with ed and hayley.(without them id still be looking for my first entrance!!)
Its really recommended if you are a caver with a non caving partner who wants a holiday in the sun (kids etc)
The trips arnt long,(some more technical than others eg the 95m tinguaton srt trip) and caving equipment isnt necessary for some of the larger ones.( I did the 1.1km through trip from jameos jentes to puerta falsa in sandles and a nova (plus shorts and t shirt!!!!))
PM me if you are interested in the meantime .....