Caving on The One Show?

Caver Keith

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Well I think there were about 5 seconds of caving clips.
The caving challenge will be in Porth Yr Ogof later this year and a couple of the clips were actually filmed Porth Yr Ogof last Sunday.
Here's the complete video from Sunday's trip.


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Shame the answer to 'which challenge are you dreading most?', was mostly 'caving'  :(

Our sport still has a way to go to improve the perception of caving amongst the muggles.

Well done, Keith for helping get caving in the public eye  ;)

...and as for the advert for flippin fried chicken??  Come on Beeb....get a grip


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(y) (y) (y)

"Ducks - Bathstore"

I was just about to watch it again to see if there were any, and then suddenly all was revealed.  :LOL:


Caver Keith

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The caving bit of the Mother Of All Challenges should be on The One Show this evening.

See and and



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Did Matt Baker really say it was in Snowdonia at the start of the show? (clip at end):

Although not as bad as "we did as much as 10km a day" - "it was further than 500 miles, at least 800km!" - "they've been doing it for 1000s of years" (Camino De Santiago for Sport Relief).