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During the course of the year I receive many foreign caving publications.  Usually I just skim through them.  Catalogue them and file them away.  Today, it is raining and having nothing better to do, I am going to read them from cover to cover.

Laichinger H?hlenfreund /Zeitschrift f?r Karst-m und H?hlenkunde [Laichinger Cave Friend / Newsletter for Karst and Cave Science] Vol 54 2019 84 pp, illus.

To save time I have translated the titles.  A few of the articles have English summaries.

Contributions to the 10th Symposium ?Karstification in Southern Germany " 23nd November 2019 in Laichingen, 
A series of five papers.  Most of the titles are self explanatory:
Results of the U/Th dating from Erdmannsh?hle, Dinkelberg.
Filled with sandstone, Palaeokarst in the M?lbachquell Cave (Southern Franken Alb, Bavaria)
Experience driving the Albabstieg tunnel along the Palaeo -Weissjurasurface (NBS Wendlingen Ulm)
On the morphology of the Laichingen Tiefenh?hle.
"Honeycomb corrosion" - description of a previously unknown solution form in caves.

Short caving reports:
Contents, overview
Geosciences internet platform "LGRBwissen" now online.
New art from the ice age - 15,000 year old female figure recovered in the Ostalbkreis.
New finds in the hollow rock provide insights into the use of ochre in the Palaeolithic age.
Goodbye to the karst circuit (1986 - 2019) (Wolfgang Ufrecht)
Falkensteiner H?hle is a geopoint
Current state of research in the Blue Cave (7524130, Swabian Alb)
150 miles to Lechuguilla Cave (New Mexico, USA)
25 years AGF Baden-Wuerttemberg e.V. - a look back at the formation.
150 years Alb water care.
Hessenhau Cave is 8,365 m long

I thing most of the title are self explanatory.  As a side note the caving club own the show cave - Laichingen Tiefenh?hle [Laichingen Deep Cave]  It is 1372 m long and 90 m deep.  That is a load of steps on the way out.  I know.  I have been there!


Mitteilungen des Verbandes der deutschen H?hlen- und Karstforscher e, V [Newsletter of the Federation of the German Cave and Karst Explorers] Vol 66 No 1 + 2 2020.  Usually published quarterly, but this issue cover two quarters!  With English summaries.

The new solidarity fund
This a sober account of the costs of cave rescue abroad.  In Austria, rescue worker are claiming 300 EURO an hour and private cave rescue insurance does not cover this.  Therefore the Federation has set up is own cave rescue fund.

Other articles are as follows

Windhole in M?hlenberg near Engelskirchen-R?nderoth.  A report of the first exploration season 2019.  After over 30 years of searching the area they finally came up triumphs.  A dig produce 6 km of cave passage.. 

Determining the location of underground cavities using avalanche search devices (LVS).

The sediments of the Bl?tterteigh Cave at Aschtoph [Spring] Baden- W?rttetenberg.

Revision of the bat fauna (Chiroptera) from the karst of the Sudmerberg-2 in Goslar, Lower Saxony.

The newsletter is concluded with Obituaries and Book reviews.

Their webpage:  www.vdhk.de

To be continued



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DER SCHLAZ [The Boiler Suit]  No 130, March 2020.  The newsletter of the Caving Club in Munich, Germany.  No English summaries!


Notices from the club management
Word of the treasurer
Schnalz Cave - invitation to an excursion
Munchen underground - Invitation to a canal tour
Cave diving as part of club life
Crumbling in the GleiBental- Our first SRT training
Hollow search KUrmreuther wind hole
Report from the ECRA meeting 2019 in Istria / Croatia
My favorite photo - the sintered owl
HOPHO 2019.  Cave photographer meeting 2019 - the gleanings
Observations during the flood in May 2019
The year starts with Plan B - short trip to Bosnia
Help in the mountain: rescue exercise in the Wendelstein Cave
Cave registry report West 201 9
New in the club library
Turnaround - The Schlaz editor's side

I think most of the titles are self explaininry except:
The year starts with Plan B - short trip to Bosnia
They were going cave diving in France, but because of the floods they changed their minds and headed to Croatia with intention of doing some underwater explorations in Bosnia.  They explored the following caves:. Crno Vrelo [Black Spring], Crno Oko [Black Eye].Schl?sselloch [Key Hole] and Vrelo Bune [Boiling Spring],    Needless to say each cave listed was accompanied by a blow by blow account of their underwater adventures.


Grottan [The Cave] The newsletter of the Swedish Caving Association. No 1 March 2020 Vol 55.  Apart from the Editorial,  which is in Swedish all the other articles have English summaries.  The Swedish language is like bad German and I should be fluent as I has a Swedish girl friend.  Unfortunately most of the time was spent in bed instead of the classroom hence my poor grasp of the language.


This is a pep talk by Johannes Lundberg, the Chairman of the Swedish Caving Association.  He asks:

What are you passionate about?

What would you like get involved in?

Writing the welcome material to new SCA members?

Write a small guide book to Swedish Caves for visitor?

Make a catalogue of caves for Grottan?

Start a new social media channel for SCA on Instagram or YouTube?

Produce educational material or arrange a Geology Day arrangement?

Maybe mapping a cave with modern mapping technique?

Or making an inventory fauna and floras of caves?

Arrange an annual meeting or an SCA trip?

Then follows a pep talk of how the above could be put into action.


Development of a method for locating terms related to karst areas.
.    Using electronics to locate caves.
Interconnection of Cave F and Facet Cave
.    Two caves connected by cave diving
No caves I found.
,    Aging caver reminisces.
Christmas party in the room on December 14, 2019.
Photo exhibition at Culture in Vaster?s January 2020
The speleologist from O2.
.    An Australian visits ?sa in Gotland.
Suddenly - A CAVE!
Drinks for the thirsty cave scientist.
.  A cup of carbide soup?and many more!
Unfinished caves in Medelpad.
.      Two cave that need exploring.
To plan and conduct an annual meeting as an organiser
Cave-Link for cave communication.
.  A monograph on Cave Radios.
UIS 2019 News and a Planning Guide for the International Year of Caves and Karst


To be continued



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Subterranea Croatica Vol 17 No 26 1/2019 72 pp, A high quality magazine with many colour photos and surveys print on art paper.  I can read Croatian but cannot speak it.  I used to write the English summaries until I retired.

Two surveys:
Bezan Jama Length 755 m Depth 142 m A3 size
Vrulja Modric Length 2746 m Depth 36 m, all under water.
And Vrulja Ze?ica Length 1210 m Depth 49 m all underwater.
The last two surveys are double side 31 x 23 inches.

Contents ? most of the titles are self explanatory.

Expedition of the Caving Association Plongee Sout in Croatia  2O13 to 2015 [see surveys].
Tribanska jama in lstri.  A pothole in Northern Italy
The exploration of the Bezan Pothole near Konavle.  Depth 140 m used for caver training.
Jadro Cave Spring.  A source of drinking water since Roman times.
Recent speleological research in the area of the Dubrovnik Littoral and Konavle with five surveys.
Archaeological Exploration of Hrenov Gri? Cave at Obrez Vivodinsky, ?umberak Mountain.  A famous walled cave with finds from Neolithic, Bronze and Middle Ages. 
Speleo TEME :) - Workshops for children
A workshop on the fabrication of a speleological designs for a CAD tool
International Speleological Expedition to Mount Sedom 2019 and an investigation in the world famous ?Salt Cave? - Malham Cave, Israel
lV International Symposium on Anchialine Ecosystems, Lanzarote 2018


CAVING JOURNAL  No.66 August 2019  54 pp, many B&W photos.
This the journal of the Speleological Society of Japan.  I nearly had a heart attack when I first received this caving journal many years ago.  My first thoughts were ?The Japanese Alphabet over 2000 Characters?.  Fortunately it has English titles and summaries. 

Speleo News
Event Calendar
Report of International 2019 Meeting of Cave Photographers.  Even has a couple of photos by our own Chris Howes.
Report of Summer School on Speleology 2018
Cave expeditions at Halmahera Island 2017-2019
Discovery of spatter tree molds in Higashiusuzuka Minami lava flow of Mt Fuji
Exploring the Nansei Island sequel to The Time Stop There.
Review of Cave Books.  Five titles all in Japanese so I cannot translated the titles!


NSS News March 2020, Volume 78 Number 3, 31 pp colour photos in English.  My motto ?Wir sprechen Deutsch; Nous parlons Fran?ais; Rydyn n?yn Cymraieg; American understood.


Diving the Little Colorado River Resurgence
National Speleological Society Signs management Plan for New Cave Preserve: Thunderhole Cave, Cookeville, TN
UIS 2019 News and a Planning Guide for the International Year of Caves and Karst.
Adventure Time, Guatemala.  Includes a survey of Sistema Zarqo Length 7102 m Depth 234 m.
2020 NSS Convention in Elkins, WY; 27- 31 July.  Needless to say, this has since been cancelled.
Spelean Spotlight.  An interview with Jean Krejca.
Obituary.  Gordon S Brace.  1959-2019.
Reading.  Book reviews: Caves of the Highland Rim, Tnn by Larry E Matthews.  The Jewel Cave Adventure.  This is the 3rd edition.  The cave is 208 mile long and only occupies an area of 4+ square miles.
Underground Update.  Latest news from the Grotto  [translation Caving Club] newsletters.


Welsh Mines Society Newsletter (82) Gwanwyn/Spring 202028 pp.  illus.

Crawshay?s Forest Cannon.  William Crawshay was the ?Iron King? of South Wales who built Cyfarthfa Castle in Merthyr Tydfil, had three sons who followed him into the business.

One of his sons had the inscription on his grave stone ?God forgive me?  I wonder what mine will be?  The cannon called ?The Growler? is on sale from Robert Pugh Antiques for a modest ?6000, delivery included. 

Recent Explorations at South Towy Lead Mine sound more like a caving trip exploring flooded adits and deep shafts.

The Literature of the Welsh Industry as the title suggest is a very useful bibliography.

Other articles include:  Esgairmwyn [mine], Aberllefenni Slate Quarry, Oakley Slate Quarry and the Lliwedd Mine Bucking Block.

To be continued