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CDG NL 228 Jul 2023

I’ve tried to get access to the online NLs previously without success (there is a seemingly insurmountable access barrier for ex-members and I’m seemingly not allowed to rejoin as a now inactive ex-NS Sec/Treasurer) so I’ve had to stick to printed versions which I actually prefer anyway.


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That's not the case Psychcrawler; there's no problem if you want to re-join, or just subscribe. If you're in the Dales this coming weekend for a certain event, let's have a chat.
Copies of both arrived today. Great to read about significant finds at Austwick Beck Head, Robinson Pot and Whirlpool Rising.

Also of interest is the return to Redmire Pot - Birks Wood Cave. This is definitely ‘the one that got away’ from me despite a discrete reconnaissance of the top and bottom entrances with a view to proper visits that never happened many years back.