cheep accomidation in Devon


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if you were happy little students with no money and wanted to cave verry cheeply in devon from 18th-20th June where would you stay? the DSS is booked that weekend


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?120 a night seems a bit steep to me at the pengelly place unless I'm reading it wrong.  very interesting website though with good descriptions of the caves. 

Dartmoor is pretty close, pick an economy tent in tescos, it's sunny in June. or more to buckfastleigh there is the camping at Church hill farm next to tjhe church in buckfastleigh.

That pengelly website is a superb read looks very worth a visit.  (y)

flow stone

Depends how cheap you want and how many of you, but there is the old stone barn at Holne, which is quite cheap if there are enough of you to fill it up.