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Chudleigh caves


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Hi im aware of caves in chudleigh im just wandering arethese open access? If so are they easy to navigate or are they mazes?


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some are open and some have bat grilles. The most sporting is Cliffords Cave which is unusual for Devon in having an active streamway. there is about 2-300metres of passage. Skullcap Cave, a personal discovery with other cavers, has about 70 metres of passage and is well decorated at the end - or was when we entered it in 1989.  There are also cave in the grounds of Rock House. Skullcap survey is in a Descent magazine with report c. 1990


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My favorite caving area.  Visit the Rock House (?) Garden Centre and pay a modest fee and you can wander around a couple of caves by yourself.  After a hard trip, treat your self to a cream tea in the cafe.

There is a book which lists 21 Chudleigh Caves....


I have a copy of the book somewhere. You can borrow it if you like buddy. Not much use to me over here.

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