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CNCC SRT Training


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Along with several others I attended a course organised by Dan Irving of the CNCC at the YSS climbing wall on Saturday.

As someone whose SRT competence can be described as 'developing' I found this hugely useful, and I think it's fair to say that others did too, however experienced they were.  The topics covered went from basic rigging (how to do it better) through getting yourself out of trouble with missing bits of kit to full-on rescue techniques, going as far as each of us wanted.

So I just wanted to say a big public 'thankyou' to Dan and the CNCC (and the other trainer, whose name I am ashamed to say has slipped my mind) - it seems to me exactly the sort of thing they should be (and are) doing.  The CNCC have sometimes got flak on this forum, so it's really nice to say that they do excellent stuff.

Oh - and it was free!  Can you believe that?  In Yorkshire ??
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I think I am right in saying that it is free because the BCA fund any costs.  If correct, well done them too.


I too attended the session. Very useful and it was tailored to what we actually felt we needed to brush up on. My thanks go to them also, I believe their time was given voluntary and the only cost was for the venue.


Aussie Mick

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Great to hear that people enjoyed it. I know we really enjoyed running it.
Hopefully we get to run some more in the future.

The BCA had nothing to do with the cover of the costs, Dan & I volunteered our time to make the day work.
The only cost was the hire of the YSS which was ?5 per person, paid by those who attended. Hopefully people found it good value at ?5.
I can't guarantee it will always be that cheap but it was a good start.

If Dan is re-elected as the CNCC training officer, I believe he will be looking at possibly putting on more courses. So keep an eye out for more running maybe later in the year.

If anyone is interested on building on what was done at the CNCC SRT workshop or would like to arrange a workshop or underground day for your club, please get in touch and we can see what we can arrange for you.
Drop Dan & I an email at the clubs email address overandundercavingclub@gmail.com