Convoy S2 - Impressive Budget "Backup" Lamp


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Thought I'd share my thoughts on a new side light that I bought from China. I've attached a photo of it mounted on my helmet, so people can judge it's size as this can be hard when looking at marketing pics.

First up. It's bright. Like really really bright. It's got a Cree XM-L. On full power it lights up the big chambers in Oxlow and Maskill. Almost as bright as my Trigon on 1700L mode. On reviews it got criticised for being to "floody" which is perfect for caving compared to many on the same site. It claims IPX 8 waterproofing, has a metal case and O rings. Not tested this though.

It will run at 100%, 40% and 5% as well as silly flashing modes. In a totally unscientific test I did a long day on an exchange trip on the above mentioned caves and played with it a lot on full power from which I'm pretty sure that on 40% it would last a few hours and on 5% a long long time.

It takes a single 18650 Li-Ion battery. For some this will be a disadvantage, but I've got plenty of decent branded ones as I also use them in e-fags. Bonus is that I can carry spares which will work in both underground. Also means unlike AAs I'm far more inclined to take them out after each trip and check the charge level.

Oh and it costs just under a tenner, although I guess if you don't already use 18650 batteries, you'll have to factor in at least another ?20 for a charger and battery. The frustrating thing is these are powering all the top end caving lamps, it's just we're not normally allowed access to them. I do hope Roy brings out a user changeable battery pack for the Trigon. I've been down two caves today. It would be lovely on the break to be able to swap in fresh batteries and use the full power of modern lamps without having to worry about conserving juice or buying expensive and bulky spare packs.


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Thanks for that. I use FastTech too, so I might treat myself when I order more ecig goodies.

Be careful carrying 18650s underground: they are rather more sensitive creatures than AAs. This I think is the reason Roy does sealed units.


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Hi People
Yes I have just read this, a couple of things.
I had a free Ultrafire torch a while ago from one of my HK suppliers and found that it was actually waterproof, whats more, it was very impressive. It used a Cree XP-G which will give a very concentrated beam from a small reflector. Unfortunately, there is little or no peripheral light which would make a caplamp designed this way dangerous for the user. However, I am currently experimenting with using this system combined with a permanent bare emitter, already using this in the new X1000.
Anyway, I took the torch apart and fitted a different driver system, same as in my EcoStar and X1000 but set differently to come on at full power and then click down through three settings, no flashes. Max drive current is 1.4 amps. Its a very impressive little torch, much lighter and more powerful than my now dated Fenix E11. I have made a few more up for friends.

User changeable battery packs.
I have looked at some that the Chinese brought out for bike lights and modified them to fit my lamps. Extensive torture testing ascetained that they do not meet the IP67 standard claimed, result 4 destroyed lithium Ion cells, an expensive lesson. Beside, LiIon cells and water dont get on very well together, you dont mess with LiIon.
Protected cells have a thin metal strip running down the cell from the +V terminal to the protection PCB on the base, damage which could include rusting could cause a short circuit. I am also uncorfortable with the idea of people changing cells in wet conditions.

Talking about torches, Fenix are possibly the best you can buy, howver I was very disappointed to find that they have light modules permanently bonded in, this has been mentioned on CandlePower Forums. This means that they are not upgradeable, very disappointing.



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Another test of it. Back in Oxlow again today. I ran it for a couple of hours cycling though different modes on the way out. The battery was obviously starting to die on the final pitch. TBF this is knacked old e-fest 2100mha that's done service near daily for six months in ecigs, I'd expect a lot better from a new 3100mha. Slightly concerning was after about 15 mins of running it at 100% it felt quite hot round the LED. Didn't manage to get it to this at 40% which is still a lot of light.

Roy, bizzarly I think that some people who buy flashlights actually like those tight beams as it throws a beam further. As you say no good for caving, but why I chose this one out of the many options available on the site. It's not as wide as the trigon obviously, but still acceptable...especially as it's a backup.

Thanks for the heads up regarding 18650s...I had my spare in a dry bag, may double seal it in future.