Cornish Mines


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Does anyone know where I could get a survey for Cligga Head mine on the north coast of Cornwall?  :confused:

I'd like to do a trip in the next few weeks before I get wed and I have to go on holiday for a month  ;)

Can't find one anywhere  :-\



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"Tin Miner" of the Devon Mine Club has one, sadly their website is down atm.
He posts/ visits Aditnow and Mine-Explorer fairly regularly I believe.
The trip is reasonably straight forward, and can be done without a survey. About 100' of rope is needed for the pitch from top to middle level. Bottom lavel can be reached via a stope from middle level
Good trip, enjoy!

gus horsley

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I've done a not very accurate survey of Cligga which hasn't been published but I can give you verbal descriptions of any routes you want to do, or of any other mines in the area.


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Great I'll try and track down Tin Miner I'll give you a shout Gus if I'm unsuccessful.

Thanks  (y)