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Cornwall no longer recognised by BCA

BCA insider

New member
As a high-ranking member of the BCA's inner circle it falls to me to announce that the BCA no longer recognises Cornwall.

After the shocking denouncement that we suffered at the hands of the Cornish we have chosen to wipe them from our maps, and forget that those pesky pasty people, with their made up language and their dodgy tin mines, ever existed.

Let this be a lesson to you.



Shame on you.
Typical BCA duck out when the going gets tough?
We may never know if the  pasty (tm)  bolts are superior.

Roger W

Well-known member
From that map, it looks as if a bit more of the land of Lyonesse has been lost.

Maybe the men of Gwynedd and Ceredigion should take note and look to their sea defences?


Active member
Never mind the Free Welsh Army, they have enough to deal with already, burning down all those second homes. I'm waiting to her from a spokesperson from The Peoples Democratic Republic of Yorkshire about their plans to convert the rest of the country to wearing flat caps, keeping whippets and pigeons, whilst drinking beer with a 15 mile head on it!!