Cornwall You tube Mine free dive - anyone know where this is?


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Very interesting. At first I thought that was sea weed in the foreground that made me think it might be something to do with the big caves at St. Agnes but then sea water would wreck the lights so clearly not. I am intrigued. Hope we hear more!

gus horsley

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I can't see anything, probably because I'm on the work's computer and Youtube is blocked.  However, if the dive looks like it goes to/from daylight and there's a short drop leading to the sump at one end and a chamber at the daylight end it would be Gravel Hill Mine. There's two levels, the upper eventually becoming low and silted. and the lower bending round and leading to the free dive (approx 25ft) out to daylight again.


Good arrows Gus - cant even see the vid - but knows where it is.

Hail the power of UKcaving... :bow:

gus horsley

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That's the right grid reference.  I don't think there's a line through it.  It might not be possible to do a through trip any more as the gate looks quite permanent and there's not a lot to see in the way of mine workings - it's only a few hundred feet long.

Gravel Hill was the most westerly mine on the Perran Iron Lode and is at the eastern end of Perranporth Sands.  It's most notable feature was that it produced some unusual iron minerals.