CPC/CNCC Buttertubs litter-pick


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Litter Pick at Buttertubs Pots

On 2nd June, volunteers from the Craven Pothole Club, supported and funded by CNCC, organised and attended a litter-pick at the iconic Buttertubs Pots, one of the most scenic and popular beauty spots in North Yorkshire.


An interesting and productive day! In total 6 bin bags, 4 car tyres and a truck tyre removed and left for North Yorkshire County Council to collect the following morning (the Council had been very supporting of this). Let’s hope these pots stay litter-free!


Great work by the CPC team! You can see a full report and several more excellent photos here:

This is also a reminder that CNCC are always happy to help support your conservation initiatives. This might be that through advice, help with permissions, equipment loan, or funding for consumables or travel expenses of volunteers. Just get in touch with conservation@cncc.org.uk if you would like to discuss a potential project to see how we can support you, or if you cannot take it on, we can perhaps bring in our own conservation volunteers.


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Good effort - and worthwhile liaison with North Yorkshire Council.
This is excellent P.R. for the caving community.


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A nice bit of publicity for the work of the CPC volunteers in the Craven Herald...

Sadly the page doesn't seem to work very well and all the adverts seem to get in the way and stop it loading properly and you cannot scroll through the photos. Presume it works better for subscribers. Not sure if this made it into any physical print.


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If anyone feels inspired by this, we're still looking for someone to help remove a couple of bags of what appears to be animal remains from Bull Pot, Kingsdale. We have a couple of willing volunteers, but neither has done this before, so we're looking for someone with more experience.