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Craven Pothole Club Gaping Gill winch meet


It’s that time of the year again folks!

The CPC welcome cavers and non-cavers alike to the Gaping Gill winch meet.
Dates for winch descents are Friday 12th to Friday 19th August.
The usual trade routes will be rigged for faff free caving.
Please come and say hi at the booking in tent and advise of your intended trip.
All the information regarding the winch can be found on the Craven Pothole Club website :-


Ian P

Active member
What else is rigged?
Dihedral (members only during winching)
Wades/ Flood
Stream passage Pot
Bar Pot

(I believe Marilyn and Car Pot are in the “pipeline”)

I’m sure other CPC members will update as things progress.

Please come up, say hello and enjoy a fantastic cave system.

As a special offer there will be free Tea and Coffee available to UKC users, please use the special code:
“Any chance of a brew
This special code should result in a hot cup of something that resembles “Tea or Coffee”. However if you require a:
“ Skinny, Oat milk, De Caff, Latte with a Caramel shot” you maybe disappointed !!

Bring Suncream !


Active member
after briefly nosing about GG last year I was very much looking forward to coming on a GG winch meet this year but sadly I can't make it. But wishing everyone a great time. Apart from possibly Monday afternoon? you guys should have the weather for it this year.

All that stuff pre-rigged, looks fantastic! Enjoy...
We are starting to derigg today (Thursday) (Corky's, Pool Tx SE Aven, Small Mammal), and more will be taken out later tomorrow.
Friday Evening, Saturday all day will require no access to the main chamber on safety grounds (risk of falling objects).