CRTT spoke stack abseil rope poor

Last week looked at SRT rope(black) that is in the wet vertical shaft beyond the grille with the bent bar. The one that has a zipwire crossing it as well. The rope is frayed as it passes over the lip of the pitch . I would suggest people use a double rope or donate a bit of rope here. If its gone you can get down to a traverse back out to the entrance passageway that comes out by the grille in stead but Its an exposed traverse. Cheers steve Joyce
Ps The rope on the srt pitch on the two abseils route is also no longer there take your own rope. Believe removed as there was a call out over may bank holiday.


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The rope on the traverse line between the ladder and the descent on the "extreme route" is also badly frayed where it runs over an edge. I think I remember the core being exposed a little too.