Daren Cilau Survey

Chris J

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Hi all,

There used to be a survey on http://www.darencilau.co.uk but that website doesn't exist anymore and I'm also not having much luck with http://www.chelseaspelaeo.org as that also seems to be having issues!

Can anyone suggest where I'd get a paper or electronic survey and if it's a question of buying a paper one from CSS then the best contact details?


Stuart France

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There are usually some paper copies for sale to visitors at Whitewalls.  There never was any PDF copy for download from chelseaspelaeo.anything

Not sure the current paper version is up to date as my copy doesn't show Busmans and the Ogof Cnwc entrance. But, hey, you can get the missing Busmans bit for free from:

Stuart France


Chris J

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Thanks to two contributors I pretty much have what I need - though the missing part is the San Agustin way beyond the Gloom Room - of which the best I've got is an old survey in the CDG newsletter. I recall the survey on the wall in Whitewalls has this on it..? 


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If you can open .swf files then there's one here with San Agustin Way on it:

Duncan Price

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There's an area map in my book which is not intended for navigation.  There's also a larger scale map includes part of the San Agustin way in the same publication.  I've got a survey of the rest of the passages beyond the Gloom Room but it is from the CDG newsletter.


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Just two pages from a publication giving an overview survey of the system. I've convinced at least two other people to purchase the publication, and also posted about it on here.

I was hoping not to break copywrite law, but it's already online!

I have provided the same information as what Blackholesun provided in the first link below.



Then I added some information about getting a large survey.

largely, I was busy yesterday, it was easier.


Thank you for clarifying.

I've often come across things online (car forums, caving, climbing etc) where the answer would have been extremely helpful, had it been posted publicly, rather than  "I've pm'd you with the answer" and it really grinds my gears.  So often, it's not something which should be a secret (e.g. how much oil a particular car takes or parking restrictions, access, surveys, maps etc)and would help others greatly to be published.

I am all for people paying for others work, where appropriate and copyright is involved.  (y)


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I know, sorry.. .

I'm afraid it was time related, I could find the file and simply drag and drop it into a facebook message to attach it. I find file attachments more difficult on here, but I'm glad of it, as it makes you think... Do I REALLY want this to go online or not.

In my mind the internet must be full of duplication. Some data here, some there. A picture of a tabby cat peering through the ceiling, a picture of a Siemese cat peering through the ceiling, and then the same cats with many captions. "Ceiling cat is..."