Delicate mud formation


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While mooching about in Jug Holes we found this unusual to me feature. It appears that a roof drip has been falling on a clay bank. Instead of the usual pit, the drips have hit a pebble and splashed up. This has caused a spherical hole about the size of an orange, with spikes of sediment left pointing to the point of the drip impact. Curious looking thing


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We found similar formations in one our projects in France. These are very delicate and often they get trashed.

The following photo's were taken during the 1st exploration. In the meantime taping has been placed to protect them.

The first two photos are crater formations similar to Brains found.

The other two photos are other examples of mud formations. The formations in the last photo are called "Sapins d'argile" - translated it gives "Firs of clay"


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