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Well done to the Eldon and all the speakers for this excellent afternoon and evening of enlightenment and entertainment. It all went swimmingly from where I was sat. It made it even more engaging to be hearing about Cussey Pot and the Master Cave, knowing it was almost directly under our feet. Must get back down Cussey. Special thanks to the folk doing the catering for the pie and peas supper.


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Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday and made a donation!
The Eldon PC had decided to pay for all the food so all the donations are for Derbyshire Cave Rescue.
A total of £381.38 was raised!
Also donated was 10.03 in Euros :ROFLMAO:.........
As an Eldon member and a DCRO controller thanks for all the donations - they will be used to continue DCRO's good work :)


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Euros, who would’ve done such a thing 👀 Probably some dodgy foreigner…

Thank you all for the great talks, and of course to the best hut-less caving club in Derbyshire for sorting everything out! Shoutout to Jim who managed to find kind words to introduce every single speaker, which surely couldn’t have been an easy task.


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Maybe we should've had a vote to determine which club was best? Seemed to be quite the hot topic...

That and what club does Ben Marks belongs to. (Someone's gotta have him) 😉


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What a good evening that was. Thanks to the Eldon for making it happen, the catering staff for probably the best meat pie in a tray I've had in years, and the audience for being so large - and enthusiastic. Let's do it again sometime. But yeah, get a hut.

As for Ben, it's a tricky one. "Torn between two lovers - treated like a fool..." :cry:
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