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Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023


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:beer: I'm happy to announce that the Derbyshire Explorers Forum is back on! :beer:

The event is now being held at the Mechanics Institute in the centre of Eyam (opposite the church), still on Saturday 30th September, with doors opening at 15:00. Best bit is that there is a bar on site.

Entry is free and there will be evening meal also. More details to follow...

No entry tickets needed, but please feel free to check into the Facebook event where we will also post further updates:

We are grateful to have a fantastic [still growing] line-up of presenters, covering a mixture of Derbyshire digging, diving, science, rescues and conservation. This currently includes:

Alex Ried
Jack Dewison
Phil Wolstenholme
Mark Noble
John Gunn
Rob Middleton
Allan Berry
Martin Wright
Rob Eavis
Luke Cafferty
Jon Pemberton
Kev Drakley
Jess Eades
Luke Brock

More details about their presentations will follow soon. If anyone else is keen to present please get in touch with me asap.

The intention is for the talks to be quick overviews, allowing plenty of time for discussions and general banter.

Did i mention there's a bar? :beer:

Boy Engineer

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Notwithstanding sensitive sites, will there be a means of disseminating ‘next steps’ and potential projects/help wanted etc for those of us unable to make the event? Sounds a really interesting day and sorry not to be attending.


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Currently there are no plans to prepare any information for sharing afterwards. However if someone has energy to do something suitable I'm all ears...


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Wendy is going to get the food (pie and peas/gravy) ordered this week for the event, if she can get an idea on numbers that would be very helpful.

The plan is to charge for food (if you want it) when you come in (£5 CASH ONLY) write your name down with your preference for meat or veggie and it will be ready at the early evening break.

The bar upstairs takes card payments but we unfortunately don’t have that facility.

If you are definitely coming, could you please comment below.

We have a great lineup for the talks, hope to see you there.


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Can I suggest you set a time limit on talks and have a chair/compere who can enforce it. At the NEF it was clear that a few speakers hadn't really timed their talks and tended to waffle on through (no offence) for double or even triple their allotted time. Whilst on the one hand you do need to encourage those who don't normally step up to speak about their exploration, conversely it is not fair on those who are concise being dropped or shortened later on. At NEF we were asked to talk for 15-20 minutes each and the first two speakers went on for nearly and hour and a half! Be warned...... :);)
Have a good one.


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Thanks for the heads up Tim! We indeed have a great line-up with lots to get through so time keeping will be key.

To help with this I've already threatened speakers with being barred from the bar if they go on too long, which will be enforced with a permanent marker to the forehead!