Descent 290, with eight extra pages

Chris Scaife

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Descent 290 is published this week and features eight extra pages. I'm not quite sure why I decided to give myself such additional work so early in my editorship, but my loss is your gain.

As always, subscribers should be receiving their copies soon (I think the postal situation is a bit better now than it was in December) and individual copies can be bought from Starless River, Inglesport, or via our website.

As well as international and regional news, and a full page of letters about club huts in the Dales, the contents for this issue are:

The Mystery of Body Pot
In 1947, a body was discovered in a cave high up on Ingleborough. Alan Jeffreys investigates the matter in detail.

Twenty Years of CHECC
The Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs has now been active for 20 years. Aila Taylor writes about its past, present and future.

The Geometry of Deep Space - Part One
Five Ways Pot in the Yorkshire Dales is sure to be a classic SRT trip in years to come. Frank Pearson describes the work put in, over several years, to open up this vertical gem.

Cruciverbalists Abound in the Caving World
The Descent Christmas Crossword in issue 289 proved immensely popular. Here, we reveal the answers and the name of the winner.

In Memoriam
Some giants of the caving world have died recently. Jim Newton is remembered by David Creedy, Paul Seddon by Dick Willis; and we have a tribute to Bruce Bedford, the first editor of Descent. This is written primarily by Clive Gardener, with a selection of memories from others.

A Glorious Lot
Martyn Farr has been caving in the Lot region of France. He shares some of his fine photographs and thoughts on this stunning place.

The Legacy of Ghar Parau
Fifty years on from the British team’s deep exploration in Iran, Arthur Champion reminisces and comments on the legacy of this groundbreaking expedition.

It’s Cave, Jim, But Not As We Know It
Another impressive discovery in the Dales! Hugh St Lawrence reports on the exploration of Hazeltop Cave on Barbon High Fell.

Cover: Liz Lawton on the second pitch in Turbary Pot, Kingsdale, Yorkshire Dales. Photo: Bill Nix

Chris Scaife

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In Descent issue 290, Hugh St Lawrence reports on a new find in the Yorkshire Dales. Hazeltop Cave contains 'a streamway full of stal'.

Hazeltop UKC.jpg

Hugh St Lawrence taking care to avoid the formations in the dry bit of Hazeltop Cave, by Paul 'Beardy' Swire.

Chris Scaife

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Aila Taylor writes about the origins and development of CHECC, which is now 20 years old, in the latest issue of Descent.

CHECC photo.jpg

Julie Kikel in Swildon’s Hole, taken during Stuart Gardiner’s photography workshop at the 2022 forum, by Hollie London.


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CHECC has been a huge success in British caving. Great to read about the history and formation. However, erm..... Chris..... erm..., is that photograph going to cause a riot? :eek:

Chris Scaife

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Five Ways Pot is sure to become a popular Yorkshire SRT trip, and in Descent issue 290 Frank Pearson tells us all about the work carried out to open up this future classic.


In the photo, the Chums crossing Dowlass Moss en route to Five Ways, by Frank Pearson.