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Descent 295

Chris Scaife

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Descent 295 has an official publication date of 2 December and you can now place orders on our website. Subscribers should receive their copies over the next few days.

Descent 295 cover.jpg

Cover: Diana Hierro Zapico in Cueva Mur, Cantabria, Spain. Photo: Paul ‘Beardy’ Swire

Hidden Earth is Back
Hidden Earth has traditionally been the biggest annual gathering of cavers in the UK and, with no event held for four years, its return is something to celebrate. Chris Howes and Alan Jeffreys summarise this year’s event.

Underground Pains
Anna Taylor presents the results of an extensive survey she has carried out on the subject of menstruation among cavers.

BCRC in Norway
Cavers know they have to take their opportunities, so when a group from the British Cave Rescue Council was offered a trip to Norway, they could hardly refuse, as told by Brendan Sloan.

Subterranean Fishes of the World
Graham Proudlove gives a fascinating summary of the world’s underground fishes.

Drawing and Pumping: Underground Waterwheels
Ioan Lord tells the story of the discovery of two large, intact, underground waterwheels at an old lead mine in Ceredigion, mid-Wales.

The Descent Christmas Crossword
Martin Wright has put together another fiendishly difficult puzzle with a caving theme.

Is This a Record?
Alan Jeffreys gives his opinion on the importance of writing it down.

Back cover: ‘Caving Huts of Britain’, Highly Commended in the art salon at Hidden Earth. Design: Sam Dredge

Chris Scaife

Active member
In Descent 295, Graham Proudlove gives a fascinating summary of the world's underground fishes.
In the photo: Astyanax jordani, showing typical troglomorphisms, by McLean Worsham.

Astyanax jordani, showing typical troglomorphisms.jpg