Publication week for Descent 296

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It's publication week for Descent 296, so subscribers and stockists will receive their copies soon. If you want to subscribe, or buy individual copies, you can head to our website:

Having just come back from expedition jetlagged and pushed for time, I thought adding eight extra pages to Descent would be the best way to get back into the swing of things. I hope you'll all find that the extra hours were well spent.

Descent 296 cover.jpg

Cover: Mel Dalby entering Pozo Azul, Spain. Photo: Martyn Farr

Flow Beneath the Peak
John Gunn gives an account of some recent extensive water tracing experiments in the Eyam-Stoney Middleton area.

Breaking Records in Pozo Azul
With over 9km of sump diving needed to reach the previous limit of exploration, Jason Mallinson was never going to have an easy time in northern Spain’s Pozo Azul. This is a fascinating first-hand account from the cutting edge of cave diving.

Scottish Caving Regions
Descent’s Scotland correspondent, Alan Jeffreys, gives a detailed account of the major and minor caving areas north of the border.

In Defiance
Colin Boothroyd reports on the November 2023 expedition to Mulu.

Petzl Duo RL Headlamp and Boreo Caving Helmet
Chris Scaife has been trying out Petzl’s latest caving helmet and ultra-bright lamp.

Rubber Ducks in Czechia
Czechia is a country British cavers rarely visit but, as Reynard Spiess reports, it is a warm and welcoming place with some excellent caves.

Prize Winners
Find out the answers to the crossword and quiz from issues 295 and 294 respectively, and find out the names of the lucky winners.

Stereo Photography
It’s time to see if your eyes are up to the challenge of seeing stereo images in 3D, in this article by Maurice Hewins.

Back cover: Martin Grass in Pisa Passage, Shatter Cave, Mendip. Photo: Chris Howes

Chris Scaife

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Hi Harry,

The date hasn't been on the cover for a long time (from a quick look through back issues, I think the last one to feature the date on the cover was Descent 142 - June/July 1998) and this has just been something we have kept the same. However, your suggestion seems quite popular so we'll have to have a think about this!


Hi Chris,

Hope you and Carolina are both well.

Thanks for your message. I shall await any developments on the 'date on the cover' matter with interest!!!

Cheers, Harry
Without wishing to detract from the well deserved reputation of Descent as a reliable source of news, I think I should point out that the Newsdesk article on the belated news of the death of Dr G.E.Wilford contains a number of small errors. Rather than enumerate them here I will direct anyone interested to the updated version of the article, Retrospective Appreciation of Gerald Edward Wilford, OBE, PhD (1928–2019), which appeared in the December edition, Vol 50(3), of Cave and Karst Science, downloadable free from