Distox trouble !!


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Hi all. Am having trouble with my Distox on a Leica A3.
Everything is working fine except it will not save shots only shows the current one.
This means I cannot get a leg.
It has not been underground since Feb and was working up until recently so it has not suffered any mishaps .
Is there any way to reset the A3 ? Have tried most things I believe.


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Beat me to it! You might be in silent mode.

Source: https://paperless.bheeb.ch/download/DistoXAdvancedInformation.pdf

Disto x1/advanced from: https://paperless.bheeb.ch/download.html#DistoX

Advanced Functions
Silent Mode
In Silent Mode the device does not transfer any measured data to the PDA. The data is still written to the internal memory but is immediately marked as ‘already transferred’. The same holds for any pending data present when Silent Mode is entered.
When in Silent Mode the device shows a zero in the top middle of the screen (memory number). Normally either the number of pending measurements or nothing is visible there.
Silent Mode may be switched on or off manually by pressing the following key sequence on the Disto key pad: