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Diving in Darkness - for 24 hours only!


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Hi folks

I've taken the brave decision to show this 2013 film about UK cave diving - but it will only be available for 24 hours as of 8pm this evening UK time.

It is only available on the WetWellies caving Facebook page and it will not be shown anywhere else or at any other time. I've moved on since then so miss it and you miss it ;-)

Including Goughs cave, Boreham, Swildons Hole and OFD.

Here is the link - hope you enjoy it!  :beer:



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This post popped up literally as I was proof reading the next CDG Newsletter; I was actually in the middle of an article by Christine herself on Cave Diving Videography.  Talk about co-incidence!

Anyway, I hope she will not mind my mentioning that I think her article is extremely good and much of it would also be of use to anyone wanting to do still photography in sumps as well as shooting video. It'll be published at some stage in July ( in CDG Newsletter number 216).


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Watch the first part. The definitive film of Pridhamsleigh has yet to be made  although many have filmed in there right from the 1980's. I haven't seen anything that does justice to the 30m plus clarity of the water. This is a shot I took once from the balcony above the lake by getting somebody to fire a megaflash bulb at depth. So, there is a challenge to make a really good film there. The chamber has a volume probably third or fourth in size to any other in the south west of England ie. soemthing like 50 m high 40 m across and at least 20m wide.


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