Downloading Distox2 data using Sexytopo - if app freezes, just WAIT!


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In case anybody else has the same, heart-stopping issue I thought I'd post my recent experience as a quick online search earlier this week didn't throw up any similar postings.

I was trying to use Sexytopo to download over 1000 shots with my Distox2 data from a trip this weekend (because we weren't doing paperless surveying). The download started OK, with the first few readings showing up OK in the table view on Sexytopo but then the app froze and I got an error message on my phone to say that "Sexytopo isn't responding" whilst the leg readings continued to count down.

At this point I thought I might be en route to losing all of my data so I shut off my Distox2. About 300 (of over 1000) shots had downloaded by that point. I touched nothing and tried to find a solution online (and failed). However, when I returned to Sexytopo the next day (having not closed the app down) the 300 or so legs were all there - hurrah!

So I saved what I had in Sexytopo then switched my Distox back on. Another 250 legs seemed to download OK without any problem. I switched off the Distox again so that I could pause and re-save. I then switched it back on, it started downloading and I got a repeat of the initial problem (the app froze and I got the "Sexytopo isn't responding" message and was asked if I wanted to close the app, wait or give feedback ... WAIT is definitely the right answer!).

I left it for a few minutes and, as before, when I went back to Sexytopo the legs were all downloaded and showing up OK so then I could switch my Distox back on a final time and get the remaining legs off it.

So it looks like Sexytopo doesn't fall over in the face of many legs coming in but it does quite quickly get overwhelmed by the legs. If you just download 200 or so at a time then give it a few minutes to digest them (and probably best to save inbetween each chunk) it seems to work fine.

I realise this isn't a typical use case (people doing a whole survey trip with a Distox but not actually sketching with Sexytopo underground). But, at least for me, Sexytopo works much better than Topodroid at bluetooth-connecting to my Distox and downloading data so I suspect I'm not the only person using it for this purpose :)
Remember a DistoX is only suposed to have a thousand measurments in its memory before its full and even once they have been downloaded to your device measurments can be recalled using the Mem button although this can be mind blowingly confusing.

Never tested the thousand measurments thing to see if that is correct but I have used the memory recall several times to get me out of a hole. Be warned though if you will have multiple surveys in there and it is hard to know where one starts and one stops as the memory works it's way backwards though your data. Unfortunately it I dont think there is anyway you can re-download data from the memory although I do remember several years ago a discussion about if it would be possible to somehow get a full memory dump from a Disto. I will have a trawl back though stuff and advise if I find anything.

Glad you got your stuff, must have been nerve racking.

I knew I'd seen somthing somewhere. It seems Topo Droid can re-activate disto memory for download.

All details here.


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That's interesting about being able to retrieve data even once the legs have disappeared from the count on the Distox ... though that thread isn't really clear about whether you can download the legs normally and I wouldn't fancy manually transcribing 1000 legs :)

I think the Disto can store >1000 legs but, disconcertingly, the leg counter rolls over to 0 once you've done 1000. I don't know what it's actual limit is.