Earthquake near Belper


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ORIGIN TIME 01:42:17.2 UTC
DEPTH 7 km

Felt Matlock (Derbyshire) and Belton (Leicestershire). The reports described, "felt a weak trembling" and "heard a moderate rumbling sound".

Boy Engineer

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"felt a weak trembling" and "heard a moderate rumbling sound".
Frankly that describes most nights for me.
Not enough to wake me up in Derby. Having missed the Northern Lights earlier in the week, I'm disappointed to have missed this too.


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I've thought that Belper sounds like a particularly unpleasant intestinal disorder in cattle, which given the moderate rumbling sound heard there, may actually be the case. Stand back, that cows got a bad case of Belper!

Winnat's Caver

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Wonder how this will affect boulder chokes. Im fairly sure the Winnats slot snapping wood was the work of the Buxton earthquake, as it was fine before and hasn't moved since. Might go down Winnat's soon and check if anything's changed.


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Our boulder choke hasn't moved an inch since we started, and there's been something like three earthquakes and fifty quarry blasts since then, but I guess our scaffolding must be doing the job. I think the Winnats timber snapped as it was fifty years old and holding back several tons of loading. It will only close up more if not sorted out properly, with steel, but I've given up on it - had enough of getting stuck in that damn slot, and it getting tighter whilst I'm in it is unacceptable for me. But it could be done with some teamwork, and with a long-term view to making the remaining cave more accessible for the future - and more importantly, rescuable.

I'm no geologist, but looking at the Belper area there appears to have been some long-term stresses around there: