Eglwys Faen


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We visited Eglwys Faen at the weekend. I'd forgotten how intriguing it is.

The entrance is so huge, then the way is completely lost at the choke with the waterfall.

The upper series seems to have a lot of potential and has been dug in a few places, but to no avail. It's very well visited and graffiti'd.

Has there been any recent pushing of it?, or has a learned speleologist worked out that it's a fruitless location to push? There must be some huge passages waiting to be found between there and Agen Allwedd / Daren Cilau.

It's so accessible, I can't believe more pushing hasn't gone on. And it's unencumbered by access restrictions.

Any thoughts?




The latest issue of Descent (no 284) reported recent digging in St Patricks Passage in Eglwys Faen.

I was in the cave on Saturday. But not in that bit and not digging. Just introductory trips with Scouts. It is a great little cave.


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Hi Chris there is indeed a dig going on at the end of St Patricks passage. Photo for your info
the dig.jpg


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Thanks, will watch later. Good luck with the dig too - I hope you break through into Daren Cilau.